Dec. 7, 2022

75. Ken Babcock - Priorities, Performance, and Documentation

75. Ken Babcock - Priorities, Performance, and Documentation

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself or your most efficient employees? Ken Babcock is the CEO of Tango, a company that has created a software that makes capturing high-performance work processes simple and easy. There are many different softwares

📑 Ken dropped out of Harvard Business School to start a business: team performance and high performance depend on documentation. 02:01
🤝 Building software requires constant contact with customers: focus on a simple, easy, delightful, and unique experience. 06:40
💡 Difference between Loom and Tango - full game versus highlights for documentation. 10:05
✔️ Prioritizing being compatible: making other products better. 13:01
🎯 The biggest challenge is focusing on the right use and users: being able to prioritize is what makes a company long-term successful. 15:00
🐎 ”New-hire bios” and personal passions: it's not always just about getting things done. 19:32


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