Oct. 26, 2022

70. Julie Allyson - Feeding Fear a Suck-It Sandwich

70. Julie Allyson - Feeding Fear a Suck-It Sandwich

Fear isn’t the enemy. You can let it come along with you on your journey, but you can’t let it hold you back.

Julie Allyson left her corporate career to begin her own coaching business. Unlike everyone else, Julie isn’t shy to admit that transition is

😍 Julie and Jennifer met on the Unbreakable retreat in Vermont: friendship at first sight. 01:10
🌟 Julie left her corporate job a month ago: all goals were achieved, and now it is time for Julie.  01:35
🤩 “When you’re afraid, feed the fear a suck-it sandwich.” 04:12
💪 Jennifer’s mantra: I am loving, I'm grateful. I'm humble, and I'm unstoppable. 06:52
🗓️ Mondays and the fuss about it: Tuesday morning around 10 am is the sweet spot of the week. 06:52
😇 Julie was a mentor and helping hand for most of her friends: getting uncomfortable in a safe space is powerful. 09:33
🤯 When you have a coach, and you’re saying “just tell me what to do”: the power is in you, not a coach. 13:06
✅ The importance of finding out if your client is committed enough. 16:49
❗ How to get the most out of your coaching and how to hire a good coach. 19:46
🧗‍♀️ How the Unbreakable Retreat changed Julie’s life: you don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea.  21:25
🤓 Julie coaches driven women who want to claim their inner badass. 29:15
😎 Fear can keep us safe, but we should not let it stop us. 33:37
🤗 Focus on gratitude and positivity in your life. 36:12


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