July 27, 2022

57. Solving Problems From Your Higher Self with Linda Drosdowech

57.  Solving Problems From Your Higher Self with Linda Drosdowech

Women entrepreneurs face a lack of confidence. It’s not that they don’t have what it takes to be successful in this world—it’s that they are raised and indoctrinated with so much self-doubt. Not being able to cope with negative emotions and taking rejecti

🙋‍♀️ Linda is a coach and entrepreneur: Creating your life as you like it is very powerful. 01:23
👔 Working with creatives and their struggles with the business side of the work. 02:45
⚠️ The most common errors business owners do: “Creatives, stop telling yourself that sales is icky”. 03:44
🙃 Uncomfortable space for a lot of creatives: avoiding rejection creates issues. 08:07
🤓 Jennifer is driven to help others: different perspectives on sales and emotions regarding sales. 08:51
👩‍🎓 Taking rejections personally and their effect on the human body: learning to process feelings of disappointment and embarrassment. 10:46
🧠 Mental toughness: learning from failure is part of entrepreneurship. 14:17
💪 Resilience comes from practice and viewing failure as information. 17:49
⏩ Using the fear of risk to push you forward. 20:15
🏕️ UNBREAKABLE retreat for women will be held at the beginning of September, and it is about learning the sales ropes. 22:55
👩‍💼 Women are socialized with so much self-doubt: uncovering the mindset of sales is critical. 24:04
✍️ Grab your pen and paper: let’s do a future-self visualization exercise together! 26:40
🔮 New wishes from Jennifer’s future: being more relaxed and patient, writing a book within a new book club. 33:32
✅ Your future self has all the answers. 34:48
📋 Creating 3 action steps from the talismans you brought from the future. 36:15
🌸 Everyone needs help; even coaches need coaching. 38:51

👉 Connect with Linda: www.lindadrosdowech.com
🌟 Connect with Jennifer: www.jenniferdawncoaching.com
👟 Sign up for a retreat: shorturl.at/clPR8