July 13, 2022

56. Extracting Strength From the Struggle with Joel Green

56. Extracting Strength From the Struggle with Joel Green

Performance and skills coach Joel Green has “developed callus for defeat and downturn”, and is a great example of someone who goes far beyond obstacles. Some people might think that he was born to be in the NBA, but it's actually the opposite.

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😎 Joel does some cool stuff: A Division 1 basketball player who applied the same intangibles to the business world. 01:05
🧀 Being a model and the face of Cheez-Its is a new level of coolness. 03:15
⛹🏾‍♂️ Athletic life prepared him to look at losses in business as midpoints and lessons. 04:09
🌟 Embracing the pressure of accountability: “With every single defeat, there was a reason why I was defeated” 05:42
🏀 Pro Level Training camps in partnership with Nike: showing kids what it takes to get to the pro level in nine different sports. 07:25
📈 After doing 12 Spartan races, Jennifer’s business revenues multiplied by two and a half times. 08:47
🧠 Connection between neurological enhancement when you challenge yourself physically. 10:35
👩‍💼 The mind creates so much nonsense, drama, and resistance: ‘I could do so much more than my brain was telling me I could do.‘ 12:35
😲 In college when Joel was training 9-11 hours a day, his grades increased, and he graduated with honors. 14:27
🤯 Joel grew up in an abandoned house in Philadelphia and witnessed a shooting when he was just 6 years old. 16:55
🎯 ‘You are a product of your environment’ doesn’t count, and Joel thinks that environment is a product of you. 18:59
🏡 His parents took Joel and his siblings to model house which made Joel realize he wanted his life to be better, cleaner and peaceful - just like the model house. 20:22
🙅🏻‍♀️ Jennifer decided at 13 that she would not end up like the abused girl she heard of on the news. 22:26
💪🏾 He was setting goals and strategizing during his childhood and used a family tragedy for fuel: Getting something great from something terrible is a choice. 24:32
✍🏾 Joel prepares his first book Filtering: The Way to Extract Strength From the Struggle based on his brother’s death and how he used grief to his advantage. 28:59
💡 Writing a book for six years and becoming a speaker: “My story was not for me - it helps others.” 32:04
🤗 Joel loves developing partnerships, and he doesn’t ignore when people contact him. 35:45

🏀 Connect with Joel: www.joelbgreen.com
🌟 Connect with Jennifer: www.jenniferdawncoaching.com
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