Feb. 26, 2020

3 - Eliminate Overwhelm From Your Day

3 - Eliminate Overwhelm From Your Day

I’m spending extra time on overwhelm and getting it out of the picture in our lives because when you feel overwhelmed, stretched, stressed each day, there’s no space for you. 

What I mean by this is when there’s no space, you won’t feel motivated to change your life – you are stuck in just surviving each day – you may not have the energy to care about your health, or pursue your hobbies or interests – when there’s no space and people ask you for things you may find yourself getting angry or defensive, or reacting in a way that’s kind of unpleasant to be around... then you feel guilty or shameful, beat yourself up and the process keeps repeating.

It’s so important to eliminate this state of overwhelm from your life so you can create the space you need to bring in the fun stuff like love, joy, laughter, and patience, compassion, understanding, gratitude.  When you are in a constant state of busy, rush, hurry, survive the day, I have no idea what to do next, all those really wonderful feelings and emotions you WANT to be feeling get pushed to the side.

In this episode I'll also share my Brain Dump exercise and how to start asking Power Questions