Feb. 4, 2021

25. Coss Marte, CEO of ConBody Fitness Is Proof That History Does Not Dictate A Person’s Future

25. Coss Marte, CEO of ConBody Fitness Is Proof That History Does Not Dictate A Person’s Future

Today Elizabeth speaks with Coss Marte, CEO of ConBody Fitness and Co-founder of Second Chance Studios. Coss shares his compelling story of how he went from the prison yard to CEO and how he’s creating opportunities for others.

👨‍⚕️ Coss’ wake up call and to jump-start in personal training. 2:00💪 Coss developed his bodyweight training style while incarcerated. 3:06🤸 Building his personal training clients one person at a time and his surprising first “client”. 4:02🏞️ The discrimination he faced trying to grow his personal training business. 6:44😎 The prison-style bootcamp workout caught traction and was soon packed with people. 9:03🏫 While looking for space, Coss had to be resourceful to continue to grow the business but it didn’t always fit. 11:10🏙️ Continually battling his history and how he kept pushing through. 13:47🛕 After facing 30 rejections, a Buddhist woman gave him a chance and leased him space under a temple. 14:56🤩 Perseverance paid off and eventually led to huge media coverage for Coss. 17:11😱 Coss faced further hardship when an ‘investor’ wiped out his money and fled the country. 18:29🫂 Recovering from that scam was tough emotionally and financially but his community supported him. 22:10💲 Coss started doing speaking gigs and used his own earnings to dig his business out of the hole. 24:34🎙️ Coss started a nonprofit organization called Second Chance Studios - where they train formerly incarcerated individuals in podcast related careers. 28:24😍 Second Chance Studios is actively involved in helping formerly incarcerated people with careers that can keep them out of “the system”. 31:26💵 Second Chance Studios is always seeking donations.  Please consider supporting this program. 35:41

Connect with CossWebsite: https://conbody.com & https://secondchancestudios.orgInstagram handles @cossmarte @conbody @secondchancestudiosofficial
Looking to work out in NYC:  ConBody Fitness 121 Ludlow St 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10002
Want to get involved with Second Chance Studios?: Donate here  Learn more here
Coss Marte’s podcast: Ex Dealer Ex Junkie – available on all major platforms

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