Jan. 28, 2021

24. Engaging Audiences Through Visual Storytelling, with Verity Harrison of Think Doodly

24. Engaging Audiences Through Visual Storytelling, with Verity Harrison of Think Doodly

Elizabeth's guest today is Verity Harrison, of Think Doodly. Verity is a visual storyteller who uses graphics, illustration and animation to tell compelling business stories and engage audiences. Verity shares how important community has been throughout

👩‍💼 Verity’s original career in the UK and Spain. 2:03
🚩 In 2013, she made a decision to never work for someone else again. 2:53
🖍️ Verity wanted to do something creative and discovered sketch noting and graphic recording. 4:53
😇 Drawing during a live event is challenging, but also very rewarding for the artist, the organisation, and the audience. 10:26
🧙‍♀️ Using visual metaphors and arranging space on a huge piece of paper while synthesizing incoming information graphically has staying power. 12:32
🌈 Communicating in a visual manner is a very powerful tool. Verity even uses this method for self-organization. 15:06
🎨 Verity is a self-taught graphic artist and animator, and she does not like linear learning processes. 18:28
🖥️ #TodaysDoodle was a Twitter community that offered great help for practicing sketchnoting. 20:24
🎂 Elizabeth and Verity met in a digital nomad community in Tenerife, Canary Islands, at Nine CoLiving. 21:52
🇪🇸 Verity moved to Gran Canaria, Spain drawn by a large community of remote workers.  She’s enjoying a broad spectrum of people and hearing their backgrounds. 24:54
🫂 Finding your people. Having a community just broadens your opportunities as well, even if it's in completely different industries. 27:57
🖌️ Verity is a part of a subscription platform Drawify.com which helps others to enhance their idea with customized graphics. 29:09
👩‍🏫 She offers courses for professionals in her niche, and she plans to branch out to offer to beginners. 35:35
💡 Regarding career - It doesn't have to be mainstream.  There is a career for everyone. 37:59

Connect with Verity:
Website:  ThinkDoodly.com
Instagram handle:   @Think_Doodly
FB page: @Think Doodly
LinkedIn: Verity Harrison
Drawify Platform

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