Jan. 21, 2021

23. Sports Entrepreneur Jim Strosser, CEO and Co-Founder of CALI Strong, on Focus and Selling

23. Sports Entrepreneur Jim Strosser, CEO and Co-Founder of CALI Strong, on Focus and Selling

This episode shares stories of Jim Stroesser, CEO and co-founder of the brand CALI Strong, and his journey from modest dreams in a small town in the Midwest US, to CEO of several major sports brands. Jim is now developing his own unique brand of sports ap

🍋 Even at 5 years old, everyone knew Jim would be a great businessman from his first lemonade and other childhood businesses. 2:06
🤸 Jim wanted to be a P.E. teacher but his time in college opened up other possibilities. 6:14
🥇 Jim’s path from tech rep to the CEO of a famous sport shoes brands. 8:36
🏆 How his coaching abilities helped Jim in sales and in motivating others. 10:29
📈 As you get more experienced, that next level doesn't look so hard. 11:44
🙃 How Jim became a turnaround expert. 13:07
🎆 Breaking down a company to rebuild it. Capitalizing on grassroots marketing. 17:05
🛣️ Shifting from corporate environment to starting over and becoming an entrepreneur. 22:32
⭐ When you are an entrepreneur you have to do EVERYTHING. 25:18
 Temptation from a major brand questions decision to build his own business. 27:00
🌞 Jim gets motivation from the people around him, friends and customers. 29:20
😎 The benefits and burdens of owning your own business. 31:38
🫂 CALI Strong is building family loyalty relationships with their customers, ambassadors and all workers. 36:54
🧒 Jim’s brand gives back to the community and supports programs for kids with Andre Reed, Bill Walton and David Corsi. 38:29
🦄 What makes the CALI Strong brand so unique.  40:13
🆙 Jim’s advice:  Don’t get paralyzed and find a way to get it done. Keep moving forward. 45:57

Connect with Jim:
Website: Cali-Strong.com
Instagram handle:  @CaliStrongUSA

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